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green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables Amazing health benefits of eating green leafy vegetables such as spinach regularly as a part of daily diet are: Beans Kidney beans are a nutritious snack food that supply essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium and folate.  Spread kidney bean puree on a slice of whole-wheat toast or roll it into … Read more

Animal Foods

Animal Foods

Meat Meat is an important food in the diet for children and adolescents because it provides significant amounts of proteins, fats, micronutrients such as iron and zinc as well as vitamins.  Protein in meat are biologically complete since these provide a good deal of essential amino acids. There is evidence that children who eat meat … Read more


Eggs in diet

The role of eggs in diet cannot be overstated. Egg white provides the best protein whereas egg yolk (yellow portion) is full of fat, especially cholesterol which is essential for good growth and development. . Egg protein is regarded as a “reference protein” since it has the highest biological value. An average hen’s egg provides … Read more