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Why temper tantrums?


Temper tantrums are a sort of emotional outbursts by a young child. The child may become even aggressive and destructive, resulting in a distressing situation for the parents.

Here are some measures that may assist parents in safeguarding against this “acting out” behaviour of the child:-

  1. Avoid situations in which tantrums are likely to erupt. Try to keep your daily routines as consistent as possible and give your child a 5-minute “caution” before changing an activity.
  2. Communicate with your toddler. Don’t underestimate his ability to understand what you are saying. Tell him the plan for the day and stick to your routine to minimize surprises.
  3. Allow your child to take a toy or food item with her while you run errands. It may help him stay pre-occupied.
  4. Make sure your child is well rested and fed before you go out, leaving him behind at home. This is likely to safeguard against child’s “blowing up” at the slightest provocation.
  5. Put away “off-limit temptations”. As for example, avoid leaving candy bars on the kitchen slab or a table close to dinner time. Such a precaution helps keeping “battles” at arm’s length.
  6. Avoiding much-too-much bossing, give the child some freedom to have his way. All the  child choose which book to bring in the car or whether she wants grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly for lunch. Such a concession make your child feel as though he has at least some control over his own life.
  7. Opt avoiding “battles”. It is advisable to “give in” a little, more so when it comes to small things. Isn’t it better to let your child watch 15 extra minutes of TV or listen to her scream for 30 minutes?
  8. Practise distraction. Remember that it is easy to distract a young child’s attention. As soon as your child’s face starts to redden in that tell-tale way, recite a nursery rhyme, open a book or offer to go on a walk in the lawn. By doing so, you shall be averting a full-blown tantrum.
    Let’s understand that “humour” is the best way to distract attention in an upsetting situation. You may use such tactics as making a funny face, telling a joke, or taking resort to  a friendly  “pillow fight” to get your child’s mind off the difficult situation.
  9. Finally, teach the child alternative ways of dealing with frustration that provokes tantrums. 

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