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Problems in Childbirth

Problems in Childbirth: Childbirth is not always a smooth sailing

The childbirth is a process beset with many hazards and problems. Yet, most healthy mothers who had careful antenatal check-ups do have successful outcome of pregnancy and labour. That is not to say childbirth is always a smooth sailing. Far from it!

Why does childbirth become difficult at times? The causes are quite a few. In the first place, the lie of the foetus may be abnormal – head up rather than the normal head down position. This is called breech presentation. Secondly, contractions of the womb may not be adequate. Thirdly, outlet of the pelvis may be too small to permit an easy passage of the baby at labour. Fourthly, more than one foetus in the womb (multiple births) may create difficulties during birth. Fifthly, the mother may find herself unable to push the baby out.

Breech presentation refers to a “head up, buttocks down” baby in the womb. Doctors do diagnose it during antenatal and generally succeed in correcting the presentation by manipulation as such or under anaesthesia.

When manipulation fails, doctors are left with no way out but to deliver the baby bottom first. And that is a tough job.

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